A Detailed Look at Sports Betting Strategies

Learning about something related to the game, prior to anyone else, is one of the keys to success in the sports betting industry. Sports bettors who’re really smart don’t waste any time on the so-called soccer betting tips. Instead, they collate as much data and information as possible, carry out comprehensive analysis of that info’s impact on the betting markets, and only then place their bets. All such data/info can significantly alter your betting strategy as well as the results you achieve from your betting endeavours (more so if you also bet with your Bet365 bonus).
High limits and low margins are extremely important to sports bettors, however, they’re just as important as the need for the right kind of information. Any sports bettor who can lay his hands on accurate info about a sports event, and acts on it prior to everyone else is bound to reap great rewards (by also including his Bet365 bonus), as soon as that info becomes common knowledge; primarily because he’d have had already made adjustments to the odds.
Please keep in mind that info related to sports betting isn’t always about winning selections, it’s also about consistently beating the closing line.
Closing line is the last available odds prior to the market’s closure. Sports bettors who manage to beat the closing line manage to place bets that deliver superior returns. Beating the closing line on a consistent basis is the sign of an able and successful sports bettor.
So, any such information could even be about the smallest detail of how a player or team may perform; as any such detail would be extremely crucial for anyone wanting to avail the best value odds.
Sports bettors have all kinds of information sources. These could range from anything like a digital feed to being directly in touch with some insider. The main purpose of all such sources as to provide important insights into the team news, present condition of player/s or perhaps even irregular occurrences such as a team refusing to play owing to some pay dispute.

What’s the problem with soccer betting tips?
Although tipsters may have detailed knowledge of the sport which they place wagers on, in most cases, the advice given by them is nothing better than subjective opinion. Nothing denying that some betting tipsters in fact have a pretty impressive record and are well aware of their business, however, you may discover on close inspection that things such as survivorship bias and luck also play a significant part in their success rate.
On the other hand, factual information is exactly just that – no more than a fact. Everyone in the game would have access to some info related to the concerned sporting event, however, getting to know something before everyone else or being privy to info which hasn’t been announced in the market yet is what gives sports bettors a major edge.
Anyone who provides the so-called soccer betting tips may predict Team B to score a win over Team C, simply because that’s what you can directly infer from their head-to-head record. And Team B may also be in a comparatively better form than Team C. Quite contrary to the general approach of many sports bettors, a smart sports punter may actually be able to derive tremendous value from Team C’s odds by placing a bet on it a day prior to the match, once he learns that a key player of Team B has been injured while training the previous day.

Some examples of how such info can benefit sports bettors

Deportivo La Coruna vs Real Madrid
A very good example of how obtaining important information before the rest of the market can be highly beneficial is one of the La Liga games played between Deportivo La Coruna and Real Madrid. In this particular match, some of the announcements made during the Real Madrid’s pre-match press conference, specifically in relation to their starting lineup, a day prior to the game had a significant impact on the betting odds.
Having placed a € 100 bet on the possibility of a draw in this game would have resulted in your potential returns dropping down to € 768 from € 955 inside a half an hour window.
Although majority of sports bettors got to know about Zinedine Zidane’s intention of resting Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo during that press conference, it cannot be denied that some clued-in and clever sports bettors would have learnt about it beforehand. They would have already adjusted their betting strategies and would have immensely benefited from the shift in betting odds at any off-line or online casino or bookmaker. On a side note, if you’re constantly on the lookout for best online casinos and info related to them, including bonuses offered by them from time to time, you cannot afford missing this website.
Let’s take a bookmaker’s example to explain this even better. Let’s say that the total goals market of a certain bookmaker or online casino, for instance, Bet365 (where you can also avail an attractive sign up Bet365 bonus), initially opened as under 4 goals at the odds of 1.962. The price remained steady up until a few hours prior to the press conference we talked about above. Once the news of resting these players became common knowledge, the total goals market of Bet365 made a quick shift to under 3 goals at the betting odds of 2.050, prior to closing at 2.050 for the Under 3.25 goals.
The above scenario highlights how 2 entirely different bets can be placed on the same betting market by 2 different sports bettors. While one may get far better value on his bet owing to the insider information about the key players and the timing of his bet, the other may not be able to make so much from that info. The same could be seen in the handicap market of the above discussed game, wherein Real Madrid had moved to -1.75 at odds of 1.917 from -2.75 at odds of 2.050.

Malaga vs Barcelona
Another example of how team news can majorly influence the sports betting odds can be seen in one of the Malaga vs Barcelona football matches held in late 2016. In this case, the teams had already been announced, but some people learnt that Lionel Messi had fallen sick and was in the player’s tunnel during the warmup, just prior to the game.
The news spread like wildfire and almost every sports betting enthusiast on the planet got to know about it within half an hour. The odds were quickly adjusted from 19.50 to 15.00 on Malaga win. On the same lines, the odds for the possibility of a draw got shortened from 9.55 to 7.68. Adjustments were made to the handicap market as well, moving it by half a goal. Barcelona, which was -2.5 at odds of 2.12 quickly moved to -2 at odds of 2.08. There was a similar shift in the totals market with over 3.75 at 2.00 making a quick move to over 3.25 at 1.92.
Talking hypothetically, if you were to place a € 1000 bet (excluding your Bet365 bonus if you prefer betting on that portal) on the possibility of a draw in this Malaga vs Barcelona game, your possible returns would have quickly witnessed a drop from the pre-existing € 9550 to € 7680 in a span of half an hour, emphasising the sheer importance of this type of information.
No matter what the end result is, it’s once again pretty clear how two sports bettors can place wagers on the same betting market and avail completely different betting odds depending on the timing of their bets. If Sports Bettor A would’ve known about Messi’s sickness ahead of the bookmaker or online casino (Bet365 etc.) and had acted on it pretty quickly, he could have gotten far better value in his bet compared to Sports Bettor B who may have had bet slightly too soon or a little too late.

What soccer betting tips will not tell you about?
Learning about team news ahead of everyone else is easily the biggest insider information that sports bettors seek in order to gain an edge in their bets. But they’re also constantly on the lookout for other information types, mostly related to lesser-known teams, that can prove to be even more advantageous in the field of soccer betting.
Weymouth FC, a Conference Premier side was in major financial turmoil in February 2009. Although this isn’t very uncommon when it comes to lower league sides, no more than a handful of people were aware of the depth of the problems they were facing. Although they had won comfortably with a 2 - 0 scoreline against Torquay, their performance at home against Stevenage wasn’t too impressive as they had lost 3 – 0 to that team. Weymouth was scheduled to play the mid-table team Rushden and Diamonds in their next game.
Despite the fact that Rushden and Diamonds were a clear favourite going into that match, if everyone knew that Weymouth was about to field its B team (their youth team) as they hadn’t paid their primary team their medical insurance dues, the news would have significantly changed the betting odds for that match. As expected, Weymouth lost pretty badly, with a scoreline of 9 – 0.
One more example of how football clubs’ financial condition may impact the outcome of their gams can be seen in the case of Kettering Town FC. Kettering players had issued an ultimatum to the team management over unpaid wages in October 2012. This is again something that a large majority of sports bettors as well as bookmakers (including every online casino) were completely unaware of.
In one of their Southern Premier League home games against Bashley, only 10 of the Kettering players had been paid and hence the team management could only field those 10 for that match. The shortage of players affected their performance and they lost 7 – 0 to Bashley. Despite the fact that Kettering had also lost their previous 4 matches, those losses were only with a margin of one goal each. Anyone who knew about the pay dispute and the issued ultimatum could have possibly benefited from the insider information, banking on Bashley’s odds, with the knowledge that they had major advantage going into the game.

How rumours are different from information
Emergence and popularity of various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. means that we’re exposed to far more information nowadays than we ever were in the past - sometimes more than we’d like or prefer to. In addition, we are presently in an age where there’s no shortage of soccer betting tips with anyone and everyone claiming to have some valuable information. However, there are never any guarantees regarding the reliability or credibility of the sources of all such information. This info could be anything ranging from a modern-day example of Chinese whispers to some tipster merely trying to attract interest to his website. As a result, the amount of false info available on the Internet far outweighs info that’s actually useful and accurate.
Although you can bank heavily on the so-called information leaks, as long as you react on time, before everyone else does, any such action can also backfire in a major way if such info turns out to be unfounded or false in nature. What’s extremely important here is that the information should originate from some reliable source which can be trusted with such large stakes. Unless and until it is valid information in play, you must avoid betting large sums of money.