After several decades in existence, the Asham World Curling Tour consists of a group of the best curlers in the world taking part in a series of competitions, known as bonspiels, with the goal of each team to be deemed the best in the world at curling. Created in 1992, the World Curling Tour consists of several events known as the grand slam of curling, as well as other events around the world for this competition that lasts nearly 40 weeks out of the year. With the best curlers in the sport all taking part in this competition, there is the opportunity for legends to be made and for teams to solidify themselves as the greatest of all time.

Among the countries that are included in the World Curling Tour are Canada, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, with the competitions varying in prize money depending on the magnitude of each tournament. In all, players have a chance to make hundreds of thousands of dollars across different countries and different bonspiels. While this is not the World Curling Tour official website, here is all of the information you need to know about the World Curling Tour.

Curling Teams and Rules

World Curling Tour play has been progressive with the way that their matches are structured, which makes for a more interesting product than a traditional curling match. Instead of the traditional match consisting of ten ends, with a large amount of time for each team to complete their shots, some World Curling Tour competition consists of eight end matches, with a break after the fourth end. Each team gets an allotment of thinking time, which consists of less time than other curling competitions allow, but also does not include the time it takes for a stone to travel.

As for the number of players permitted on each side, both teams consist of four players. One of those players is the skip, who serves as a captain of sorts within the structure of his or her team, while the other players assume sweeping and other roles within the team as needed, while everyone in the team takes turns throwing stones.

Grand Slam of Curling

The Grand Slam of Curling was brought about in the 2001-2002 World Curling Tour season, featuring four bonspiels which are more significant than the rest of the competitions in the tour. Thanks to the increased significance of the grand slam of curling events, the prize money for those events is larger than you would see at other bonspiels.

There are seven events that make up the grand slam of curling on the men's side along the Asham World Curling Tour. Those seven events are the GSOC Tour Challenge, The Masters Grand Slam Of Curling, The National, the Canadian Open Of Curling, the Elite 10, The Players' Championship, and the Champions Cup. The GSOC Tour Challenge, Elite 10, and Champions Cup are new events, having been introduced in the 2015-2016 World Curling Tour campaign, increasing the number of grand slam bonspiels from four to seven.

In the Women's World Curling Tour, there are six grand slam of curling events, with the same events as the men's grand slam being featured, with the exception of the Elite 10. On the women's side, the grand slam of curling was introduced during the 2006-2007 campaign, which has now been around for many years.

Canadian Open

Arguably the crown jewel of the grand slam of curling and the World Curling Tour, the Canadian Open carries with it a cash prize pool of $100,000 in Canadian dollars. Thanks to the large prize pool, the world's best teams consistently compete in the Canadian Open with the hope of taking a step closer to winning the tour for that year and cementing their status as the best curlers in the world.

The Canadian Open has existed since 2001 and has been contested time and time again since then. Of those times, Kevin Martin has won the Canadian Open several times, meaning that he and his team were victorious in a plenty of the Canadian Opens that have ever been contested. Comparable to Martin in terms of all-time Canadian Open victories are Brad Gushue and Mike McEwen, both of whom have lso claimed multiple Canadian Open crowns.

On the women's side, the Canadian Open has been around for a shorter time relative to the men's competition, with the bonspiel being played in 2014 and beyond. There have been many different winning teams in the years that the competition has had a women's division, with Eve Muirhead, Rachel Homan, and Casey Scheidegger all leading teams to victory in the Canadian Open during its history.

The Players' Championship

The Players' Championship is the oldest of the current Grand Slam of Curling events, with the tournament existing since 1993, before the Grand Slam of Curling was even invented. The event has been held for many years, with those years of curling action shaping the legacy of The Players' Championship as one of the biggest curling events in the world.

In The Players' Championship, the top 12 teams on both the men's and women's sides based on year to date rankings are invited into the competition. From there, the 12 teams on each side are drawn into two groups of six teams, where they play a round robin. The top eight teams from the round robin stage advance to the quarterfinals, where a single elimination tournament is used to determine the winner of The Players' Championship.

Just as is the case with the Canadian Open, Kevin Martin has lead a team to victory in several Players' Championships. Martin has won the event many of the times that it has been contested, winning enough at The Players' Championship to bolster his legacy as one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.

Key Players

While someone like Kevin Martin may be the best player that the World Curling Tour has ever seen, there are plenty of elite players who are looking to take up that mantle throughout the history of the tour. These curling stars are and have been at the top of the tour rankings and are also among the top money earners on the tour, and have been strong contenders to finish at the top of the World Curling Tour when the seasons are completed.

Brad Gushue is easily one of the biggest stars in the sport of curling. Gushue has won a number of grand slam events, with many victories during his career. Gushue has won The National multiple times, the Masters multiple times, the Canadian Open multiple times, as well as victories at the Elite 10, The Players' Championship, and the Tour Challenge as well. Gushue had a prolific 2017, winning three grand slam events during that time period, to prove himself as arguably the best in the game.

Jennifer Jones is one of the best that the World Curling Tour has had to offer on the women's side of the competition. She is one of the leading money winners without respect to gender on the tour, and is a player capable of winning over $100,000 in a single campaign. That amount of money is the result of her ability to be precise and consistent, two key qualities in the world of curling.

Both of these players can claim to be every bit the player that Kevin Martin was, but there are many other players who can be considered elite in the World Curling Tour as well.

Founders Trophy

The goal at the end of every World Curling Tour campaign is to lift the Founder's Trophy. The Founder's Trophy is an honor bestowed upon the team that has earned the most money during the competitive curling season. This is a great honor not only because it means that the team that earned it is the best, but also because that team has earned a whole lot of money during the season as well.

Overall, the World Curling Tour and Grand Slam of Curling are fun competitions that allow their players the ability to make massive cash prizes in exchange for their ability to curl at the highest of levels. The competition features progressive rules with regards to timing in each match, without breaking the formula of the rest of the sport of curling. There are not many better sporting events in the world than the World Cup of Curling.