Canadian Open

The Canadian Open is one of the most prestigious curling bonspiels in the world, with the event being a part of the Grand Slam of Curling on the World Curling Tour. The event first took place in 2001, and has been many times since its inception. At one point known as the BDO Classic Canadian Open, the event carries a prize pool of at least $100,000 for both the men's and women's competitions, both of which attract the best curlers in the world thanks to that large prize pool. This Canadian Open tournament info is all you need to know about the event.

This tournament consists of 16 teams for both the men's and women's brackets, with the teams being put into a triple knockout format. Every team starts in the winner's bracket, with teams advancing to stay in that bracket as long as they continue to win. With each loss, teams are dropped into a subsequent loser's bracket, until they lose for a third time, at which point they are eliminated from the competition.

Qualifying for the Canadian Open can be done in a few different ways. Eight teams are chosen based on the order of merit that the World Curling Tour provides, while seven teams are invited based on their year to date rankings on the tour. One additional spot is reserved for a sponsor's exemption, where the sponsor of the tournament at a given time is given the right to choose one team to be the last team involved in the tournament, giving them the option to choose a team that will draw a lot of eyeballs to the event.

Right now, the most prolific player in the history of the Canadian Open is Kevin Martin. Known as K-Mart, Martin has won the Canadian Open a number of times, and has been victorious in the event at one of the highest rates possible. Mike McEwen and Brad Gushue have each led teams to the title in the Canadian Open multiple times as well, but those performances pale in comparison to Martin's history at the Canadian Open.

On the women's side, the Canadian Open has been held fewer times than the men's tournament, as women's curling continues to make progress in terms of adding events to its calendar while increasing the available prize money for its competitors. However, it is safe to say that the level of competition in the women's Canadian Open has been just as high.