Masters of Curling

Another event in the Grand Slam of Curling, the Masters of Curling has been around since 2002, and has been contested many times on the men's side since its inception. With prize pools of over $125,000 up for grabs for both the men's and women's competition, the biggest names in the curling world are all sure to be in attendance. In this guide to the Masters of Curling, we will break down the history of the event, including past winners and sponsors of the event.

The Masters of Curling event has taken place throughout plenty of destinations throughout Canada during its history, with the majority of the bonspiels taking place somewhere in Ontario. Saskatchewan has also been a common destination for the Masters of Curling, with the competition making several appearances in that province, something that is sure to happen again.

On the women's side, the competition has taken place since 2002, and has been contested fewer times than the men's competition due to it not existing for as many years. The prize pool for the women's Masters of Curling has been over $100,000 in all but one of the women's competitions, with the very first edition yielding a $50,000 pool. Since then, the prize money for women's Grand Slam of Curling events has increased, which is great for the sport as a whole.

Three players immediately come to mind when you think of success at the Masters of Curling on the men's side, with Glenn Howard, Brent Laing, and Craig Savill all having taken down the top spot in that competition plenty of times, with Howard leading his teams to victory most notably. On the women's side, Rachel Homan is arguably the most prolific in the history of the Masters of Curling, leading her squad to the top spot time and time again in memorable fashion.

The Masters of Curling was known as the Sun Life Classic for a period of time, and has been sponsored by a number of brands during its history. Brands including McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Kia, and Rogers have all been the title sponsor of the tournament at different points in time, thanks to its stature as one of the biggest curling events in the world.

With the prize pool increasing past the $100,000 mark over the years, top players will only continue to flock to the Masters of Curling, with the possibility to win even more looming over the next few years.