The National

Having been around since 2002, The National holds a stature as one of the more historic curling events in the World Curling Tour, as well as the Grand Slam of Curling. The event has been held regularly since it was created, at different sites throughout Canada during its history. The event carries a prize pool of at least $100,000 for both the men's and women's competitions, making it a can't miss event for the best curlers in the world.

The format for The National consists of 15 teams on both the men's and women's sides, with teams being split into three groups of five teams. Those five team groups all play in a round robin format, until the top eight teams in each division are determined. At that point, a single elimination tournament is held to determine the winner of The National.

Qualification for The National is relatively straightforward, as it brings in 14 teams based on the World Curling Tour order of merit ranking system. That leaves one additional spot open, which is filled by a sponsor's exemption, which gives the sponsor of the tournament the right to choose whichever team they want to fill the final spot based on whatever criteria they choose, whether that be skill or the ability to draw a crowd.

Previous winners of The National include two of the best of all-time on the men's side of the equation, with both Kevin Martin and Glenn Howard leading their teams to victory several times throughout the history of the event. Between the two of them, their level of success easily puts them on the short list of the most successful players to ever participate in The National.

On the women's side, there are several players looking to leave a legacy as the top player every year at The National, as the event was contested for the first time by women in 2015. As is the case in many women's curling tournaments Rachel Homan, Kerri Einarson, and Jennifer Jones are among the best in the history of The National, with all three winning the top prize in this event during its history.

Unfortunately, The National occasionally runs into a scheduling issue caused by other events. For example, during the 2017 tournament, some of the top players in the world were unable to attend, as they were occupied by the European championships of curling, which were taking place at the same time.